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My Journey Through WA Training Program


It was by sheer chance that I found the WA Platform when I was searching the internet for online business platforms. I read some introductory remarks, and I just decided to try. I said to myself, what the heck! I did not know what to expect!

You can do it. Just need  positive attitude and motivation

I joined WA on 2nd March at no cost for my first one week membership, and then at discounted rate for the month that followed. It is understandable that WA would do such discounts to attract new customers, like any responsible business. My niche area is renewable energy systems, and the website I am developing to cover this niche area is 

I was excited. I quickly found out that WA is a community of like-minded individuals, all trying to set up a successful online business. The company management is leading the community training and the knowledge base, which I believe is one of the main strengths of WA.

Two and half months break

I made good progress in my first 3 weeks. I was called to duty in mid March for a period of 2 and half months, during which I hardly did anything on my training. Now I am back with full force, and I hope to move quickly through the rest of the training programs and launch the business as early as possible.

Summary of actions I have taken so far

1. I have researched the ‘niche” concept of the subject I care about. I followed Kyle advice who thankfully suggested that,” when deciding on a “niche” and trying to narrow down to more specific “niches” ask yourself the following question:  who am I trying to help with my choice of niche”?

and the answers in my case were:

  • people that do not have electricity network
  • people that want to save money on their electricity bills.

These 2 factors are real and important everywhere.

2. I purchased a domain for my “niche” web site, and building work is on-going.

3. I used the technique of “alphabet soup” to design keywords that would rank in Google.

4. I used Jaaxy application to also develop keywords that would rank in Google.

5. I prepared the web site to be ready for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

A look ahead

I am hoping to launch my web site in the next 2 weeks after posting it for Feedback on the Site Feedback Platform. Thank you all for your support.




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